Plasma cutters provide an excellent way to cut steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium in just about any way you can imagine. They are a great tool for any metal worker and alongside a welder can help build just about anything. Picking your plasma cutter should be an exciting process and with our plasma cutter reviews we hope to make that process as easy as possible. Browse our collection of articles and videos that will help you find the perfect machine for your work needs and budget.

piece of metal used to make test cuts for plasma cutter reviews

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Our shootout compiled all of the best plasma cutters on the market in 2019 and we picked out the clear winners for a variety of categories. This is the guide that manufactures don’t want you to see.

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Evaluation Points We Consider When Making Our Reviews

While creating our plasma cutter reviews we keep a lot of different key things in mind when determining the best machine for the specific category that we are reviewing. You’ll find that a lot of our reviews are based around price categories simply because many buyers have a set budget that they can afford. This means that it’s our job to provide them with the best machine that fits that price.

When it comes to choosing the best machine we strongly take in to account the machine’s brand as this tends be the number one source of its build quality. Simply put, name brand plasma cutters made here in the US are built stronger and better than cheaper machines made in China. Secondly, we evaluate the machines power to price ratio and compare it other machines in this same category. Lastly, we take a look at useful features that the machines have. There are certain features we strongly recommend in all machines like Pilot-Arc for example. There are other features that are application specific like dual voltage or having a built in air compressor.

Once we collected and analyzed all of this information we make a decision on the best machine for that specific application. Being that we are blue collar guys ourselves we tend to recommend higher quality tools. We know how much of a beating these machines can take when being worked out in the field and the last thing anyone wants is a machine that breaks on the job.