LOTOS LT5000D vs LOTOS LTP5000D? What’s The Difference?

The LOTOS LTP5000D and LT5000D are the two most popular machines from LOTOS, but there is one key difference between them. The LOTOS LTP5000D has pilot arc and LT5000D does not.

  • LOTOS LTP5000D Pilot Arc? YES
  • LOTOS LT5000D Pilot Arc? NO

Pilot Arc

What Is It?

Pilot arc is a feature that allows you to start your plasma cutter arc without touching the tip of the plasma torch to the metal you’re cutting. This is a feature that a lot of fabricators like because it allows them to cut through rusty and painted surfaces very easily with little to no metal prep at all.

Pilot arc also gives you more control when cutting by allowing you to start your cuts off the edge of the metal while pulling your torch into your cutting line. This will result in less blow back from your plasma torch and help keep you consumables from wearing out quickly.

Is It Worth The Extra Money?

We recommend you spend the extra money and get the LOTO LTP5000D (includes pilot arc) over the LT5000D (no pilot arc). Once you use a machine with pilot arc it is hard to ever imagine a machine without it. It makes your cutting experience a lot easier, faster and safer. For the extra money it is definitely worth the upgrade.

Do These Machines Cut Differently Or Have Different Power Ratings?

Both the LTP5000D and LT5000D are 50 amps and rated to cut 1/2″ mild steel. There is no difference in cutting power between these two models.

The only difference you will experience is the method you use to start your cut. The LTP5000D will be easier to start with its pilot arc feature, allowing you to begin your cut while not touching the metal with the tip of your torch. The LT5000D you may experience a little bit of blow back when you start your cut as the tip of the torch has to touch the metal in order to start. This blow back will more severe on thicker steel and less noticeable on thinner material.

What’s A Better Value The LTP5000D Or The LT5000D?

We feel it is worth the extra money to get the LTP5000D, no question. Having pilot arc is a great feature and worth the extra investment out the gate as it will make your cutting experience a lot easier and more enjoyable. The LTP5000D is a great machine for the price and you will be very happy with its power and versatility.

Be sure to watch our cutting test of this machine down below where we push it to the limits to see what it is really capable of.

The new LOTOS LTP5000D is crowned our number one choice for the best cheap plasma cutter.

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LOTOS LTP5000D (With Pilot Arc)

This machine provides a lot of power and features for such a cheap price, it’s no wonder why it has has been one of the best selling plasma cutters under $500. We’ve personally tested this machine in our performance cutting tests and have been very happy with the results. It’s a steal for the price.

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LOTOS LT5000D (No Pilot Arc)(Cheaper)

This machine is one the cheapest and most powerful machines on the market. Sure, it does not have pilot arc, but if your budget is less than $300 than this is a great value for your dollar.

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Additional Useful Information

If you purchase a LOTOS plasma cutter be sure to stock up on some consumables as they are rather inexpensive if bought in bulk. LOTOS consumables are a bit tricky to buy as some of the model numbers overlap with previous generations. Check out our guide on finding the right consumables for LOTOS plasma cutters to be sure you purchase the correct ones.