The Budget Friendly 40 Amp Plasma Cutter – Hobart 40i Review

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  • Hobart is a quality machine manufacture who is well know in metal fabrication for simple machines with great performance.

  • The 40i is about $500 cheaper than comparable 40 amp machines from Hypertherm and Miller. Meaning you get most of the same functionality for less money.

  • Great parts availability from Hobart as well as other after market brands.

  • Rated to cut 7/8″ steel.

  • Consumables are well priced and widely available.

  • Rather simplistic design and interface.

  • Build quality is slightly lower than that of Miller and Hypertherm. However, still very good compared to most cheap chinese machines.

Hobart Is A Great Value Packed Brand

The Hobart 40i is one hell of a plasma cutter for the price. With the ability to cut 7/8″ steel there is nothing this machine cannot take head on with ease. What’s is so appealing about this machine is that it is incredibly powerful for such a low price. Companies like Hypertherm and Miller offer entry level machines that are rated to cut 3/8″ at the same price of this machine. You really gotta realize that 7/8″ steel is REALLY thick and it takes a lot of balls to cut through that. So two thumbs up for Hobart giving us tons of power for a low price.
Hobart makes some really nice machines. Typically they are not as expensive as Hypertherm or Miller (their main competitors), but they are still considered to be a name brand machine. They are known for their reliability, customer support, and market share. Being that there is a lot of Hobart machines out there, finding parts and consumables is easy. As a site who reviews plasma cutters we highly recommend a name brand machine to ensure that you can get parts 10 years from now if need be.

Cutting test of the Hobart 40i plasma cutter

Machine and Torch Design

Hobart is known for having rather simple looking machines with easy to operate knobs and buttons. You won’t find any extra fancy bells and whistles, but you will have an easy to use machine. What we also like about Hobart is their cutting torch. Typically lower cost machines come with a cheap torch that lacks a sturdy feel. However, we love Hobart’s torches and find them to work well. Sure, they’re no Hypertherm torch, but they are still great.

Upclose image of the hobart 40i plasma cutter torch


This thing is an absolute beast! Being that this machine requires 240V power we knew it would make the most of it and do well in our cutting tests, but we were blown away by its power. This machine has some serious cutting ability and it surprised us. For the price you will not find another machine that will beat this thing. Hobart has really given the consumer HUGE bang for their buck. As always we tested to make sure we could get nice smooth cuts on all metal sizes and we do so without any issues. Overall very pleased with this machine.

Do We Recommend You Buy This Machine?

Absolutely. If you’re in the market for a bigger plasma cutter then strongly consider this machine. Being that this machine comes in at such a low price there is no reason to go for a cheaper off brand chinese machine with the same specs. You will actually save money in the long run with the Hobart due to their great reliability.
If you’re considering a Miller or Hypertherm machine of this size than this Hobart could still be a good option for you if you don’t want to pay the premium that those companies carry.