Is The PrimeWeld CUT60 Any Good? My Honest Review

Primeweld CUT60 Sitting On A Work Bench

If you’re in the market for a plasma cutter under $1000 the Primeweld CUT60 is the most impressive machine you will find. Primeweld is a company that is based in the USA, but their machines are made overseas. The Primeweld brand is known for their stellar customer service based here in the US, which is rare for a manufacture in this price range.

When putting this machine through its paces, we found it really hits the sweet spot for price, functionality, features, design and build quality. Most Plasma cutters under $1000 in this price range have good performance, but are built cheaply. The Primeweld is actually built better and falls somewhere in the middle in terms of build quality and durability. This makes it a great option for most weekend warriors and light professionals who don’t want to spend a fortune on a name brand plasma cutter. Today we’re going to break down why this machine is a great fit for many fabricators, especially at a $700 price point.

PrimeWeld CUT60 Plasma Cutter

The CUT60 is a great machine that really provides a ton of power, build quality and features for a $700 price tag. What makes this machine so great is the fact that it’s dual voltage with a capacity of 60 amps. Without a doubt, it’s the best plasma cutter under $1000.

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My Video Review

What I Like About the PrimeWeld CUT60

We were surprised to find that the CUT60 had a lot of premium features that we were not used to seeing on plasma cutters under $1000. It was a joy to use and found ourselves being impressed with the value and quality of what we got for the price.

60 Amps of Power

Primeweld CUT60 3/4 Inch Mild Steel Cutting Test

60 amps is a sufficient amount of power for 99% of plasma cutter users. You can expect to be able to cut 3/4 inch steel with the CUT60 at a slow to medium pace (likely 4-6 inches per minute depending on your setup). As you can see in the photo above, the cut on the 3/4″ mild steel looked great and left me with my jaw on the floor followed by a big smile on my face.

Dual Voltage

Primeweld CUT60 Pigtail Adapter For Dual Voltage

Having a machine that is dual voltage really makes it adaptable to any environment. The fact that you can cut with this machine on 220V at 60 amps and then attach a pigtail adapter to run it at 20 amps on a standard 110v wall plug is awesome. This gives you the flexibility to work in just about any shop. Primeweld includes the pigtail adapter needed to convert your 220V plug to a standard 110V plug, so no additional purchase is necessary. Remember, when running this machine on 110v you can only use a max of 20 amps. This means you will only be able to cleanly cut 1/4 inch mild steel.

Pilot Arc

Pilot Arc Testing on Primeweld CUT60 Torch

The CUT60 has pilot arc, a feature that is not often found in cheaper plasma cutters. Pilot Arc allows you to start your cutting arc without touching the tip of your torch to the metal. This is great for cutting rusty or painted steel were direct contact can be difficult.

Pilot Arc also helps preserve the life on your torch consumables because your machine it not dealing with a ton of blow back upon initiating a cut. Once you use a machine with pilot arc you’ll never want to go back as it really changes the way you cut.

Nice Comprehensive Manual

Instructions Manual For Primeweld CUT60

The included manual has a ton of helpful information on getting to know your new machine and how to make proper cuts with it. It has a entire break down chart of machine settings for different metal types and thicknesses. You will also find a comprehensive breakdown of all of the different parts on the machine if you wish to order replacements.

Euro Central Torch Connection

Torch Connection Comparison Between Primeweld and LOTOS LTP5000D

One thing we really like about the Cut60 is the all in one torch design with a EURO central connection. Cheaper machines like the LOTOS LTP5000D have a separate wire that operates the pilot arc feature and it is likely to break after some wear and tear. Primeweld has made their torch an all in one Euro connection that easily attaches to the machine. This design is not only easier to assemble, but is less prone to failure over time.

20 Foot Torch Line

Having a torch line that is 20 feet long is a huge quality of life upgrade. The further I can move my machine away from my workspace the better. Little details like this make a huge difference when you’re using the machine on a job.

Good Warranty

The Cut60 comes with a 3 year warranty and many users have reported great customer service from Primeweld’s USA based service center. From our experience they are quick to reply to emails and help you with anything you need.

Torch Consumables

The CUT60 uses a Tecmo PT60 torch. Consumables for this torch are easily available on Amazon and other welding sites.

Primeweld CUT60 Torch Consumables

Consumables for the PT-60 torch that the Primeweld CUT60 uses. It’s Always good to have extra on hand.

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What I Don’t Like

I don’t hate anything about this machine. The only thing we did not like was the included helmet (can you even call it a helmet?). It’s a cheap handheld thing that is useless, it went straight into the trash. I wish Primeweld would not include it and knock a couple bucks off the price tag.

Max Cutting Thickness

I am very impressed with CUT60’s cut quality for the price. I tested it on 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch mild steel with the machine on 60 amps (220V). It made great clean cuts on up to 3/4 inch mild steel with no issues. When we tried 1 inch the machine still produced a clean cut, but failed to penetrate all the way through. So the true tested maximum cutting thickness is somewhere between 3/4 inch and 1 inch on 60 amps.

1/4 Inch Cutting Test (60 Amps on 220V)

1/4 Inch Cutting Test With Primeweld CUT60 on 60 Amps

1/2 Inch Cutting Test (60 Amps on 220V)

1/2 Inch Cutting Test With Primeweld CUT60 on 60 Amps

3/4 Inch Cutting Test (60 Amps on 220V)

3/4 Inch Cutting Test With Primeweld CUT60 on 60 Amps

1 Inch Cutting Test (60 Amps on 220V)

1 Inch Cutting Test With Primeweld CUT60 on 60 Amps

1/4 Inch Cutting Test (20 Amps on 110V)

1/4 Inch Cutting Test With Primeweld CUT60 on 20 Amps (110V)

Accessories Included In The Box

  • PT60 Plasma Torch (20 ft.)
  • 220V to 110V Pigtail Adapter
  • CNC Plug
  • Wire Brush
  • Extra Consumables
  • Ground Clamp
  • Cheap Welding Helmet (No good)

Primeweld Torch and CNC connection In Box

Primeweld ground cable, power cord and helmet in box

Final Thoughts

This is a great machine that leans more towards professional than it does “off-brand”, despite its price. Little details like a 20 foot torch line, included 110v adapter and a quality ground ground clamp make this machine feel like the manufacture actually cares about the user experience. Without a doubt, this machine will live up to your cutting expectations and is the best plasma cutter you can find under $1000.