Are CUT50 Plasma Cutters Junk? My Full Review

CUT50 plasma cutters are made in China and rebranded and sold under many different brands such as S7, BestArc, ARCCAPTAIN, LOTOS, YESWELDER, PRIMEWELD, HeroCut, TOOLIOM and many more. Despite all the brands looking slightly different, they all share very similar hardware and performance. These plasma cutters are very popular because they only cost around $300 … Read more

Can You Use A Welding Helmet For Plasma Cutting?

Yes, you can use your welding helmet for plasma cutting as long as you set your helmet to the correct shade level. Any plasma cutter operating at 40 amps or less can safely be used with a welding helmet set to a shade level of 5. Shade Levels For Different Amperages Here are the following … Read more

Who Makes The Best Flux Core Welder?

When buying your first flux core (FCAW) welder it’s important to get a name brand machine that is durable and has good parts availability from the manufacture. It can be temping to buy a cheap off-brand machine on Amazon from companies like YESWELDER, TOOLIOM or SSIMDER, but we recommend you don’t. It worth spending the … Read more

What Is The Best Milwaukee 1/2 Inch Impact?

When buying a Milwaukee 1/2 inch impact you have to be careful of what model you purchase as they are not all created equal. The only two models worth getting are the strongest 1/2 inch impacts from Milwaukee’s lineup, the High Torque and the Mid-Torque. This guild will help you figure out which of these … Read more

What’s The Best Welder For Crafts and Metal Art?

If you’re buying a welder to create crafts and metal art, an inexpensive flux core welder will work perfect. These welders are cheap, small in size, run on 120v power (standard power outlet) and do not require any expensive welding gases. Creating metal crafts and metal art is a hobby that is incredibly fun and … Read more

What’s The Best Air Dryer For A Plasma Cutter?

If you’re running a plasma cutter in your shop, it is recommended to filter the air going into your machine with an air dryer and filter combo unit. This will reduce the amount of moisture, oil and particulates that are fed to your plasma cutter by your compressor. An inline external cartridge filter placed between … Read more

Is The PrimeWeld CUT60 Any Good? My Honest Review

If you’re in the market for a plasma cutter under $1000 the Primeweld CUT60 is the most impressive machine you will find. Primeweld is a company that is based in the USA, but their machines are made overseas. The Primeweld brand is known for their stellar customer service based here in the US, which is … Read more

What’s The Best Air Compressor For A Plasma Cutter?

When choosing an air compressor to use with your plasma cutter you need to consider the compressor’s CFM rating (cubic feet per minute) and the amount of CFM your plasma cutter consumes. Any compressor can work for small short cuts, but in order to keep your long cuts uninterrupted by a lack of air pressure … Read more