Today we are going to breakdown the differences between the LOTOS LTP5000D, LOTOS LTP5500D, PRIMEWELD CUT50DP and the PRIMEWELD CUT60. All of these plasma cutters are very popular sellers on Amazon due to their high performance for such a low price. After preforming numerous tests on these machines in our own shop we can clearly say we have found a winner among the group and want to share our results with you today.

To start, we would like to say none of these machines are “bad” by any means, but we definitely feel that there is a difference in value and performance among them. Our job is to pick these machines apart and really find every little detail we don’t like, so keep that in mind. In no way are we trying to put down any of these brands.

Which Plasma Cutter Is The Best?

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1. PRIMEWELD CUT60 (60Amp)

The Primeweld was by far our favorite machine for the price as it had the most cutting power (clean 3/4 inch cuts on mild steel no problem), a great Tecmo IPT60 cutting torch with a 20 ft lead and some of the best cutting quality we have seen in a plasma cutter under $1000. This machine performed very well in our tests easily cutting through 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ steel with nice clean cuts. The machine was just shy of cutting 1 inch, which held true to the manufactures max severance of 4/5″ mild steel.

One of the best things that set the PRIMEWELD CUT60 apart from the LOTOS machine was the warranty. PRIMEWELD offers a 3 year year warranty with free shipping both ways and great customer support over email and phone. This was a large selling point for us as it matched warranties that you would expect from premium brands like Hypertherm or Miller.

PRIMEWELD did one heck of a job with this machine and we are blown away by the results. Not only does it make the best quality cuts, but it comes paired with a proper warranty which is worth a lot when you’re purchasing a plasma cutter in this price range. Hands down the PRIMEWELD CUT60 is our number one pick.

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2. LOTOS LTP5500D (55 Amp)

The LOTOS LTP5500D was a great machine and had a lot of the same great features that the PRIMEWELD CUT60 did including the Euro central torch, non high frequency cuts and easy to use interface. Where the LTP5500D fell short was the 5 amps less of power which was slightly noticeable compared to the CUT60. We also couldn’t get over the fact that LOTOS only offered a one year warranty on this machine compared to the three year on the PRIMEWELD.

Overall we liked this machine, but we feel it just falls short of the PRIMEWELD CUT60 for the price. We think you’re better off spending the extra $125 and getting the PRIMEWELD.

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The CUT50DP is a very popular machine due to its low price tag coming in right around $400. This seems to be the sweet spot for most buyers as we see a lot of machines in the $400 price range being sold. It is undeniable that this machine provides some amazing cutting power for the price and can get the job done on mild steel 1/2″ or less.

The question is, is it better than the LOTOS LTP5000D? Both of these machines are almost identical and are built on the same platform. The cutting performance between the two machines is identical. We chose the CUT50DP for our number three pick simply because it has a three year warranty and comes in slightly cheaper than the LOTOS. We really value that 3 year warranty on machines in this price range and would recommend everyone to do the same.

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4. LOTOS LTP5000D (50 Amp)

The LOTOS LTP5000D is one of the most popular plasma cutters on Amazon due to the fact that has been around for a long time and has accumulated a lot of good reviews by customers. It’s a great machine for the price and will serve many weekend warriors well in their garage. We do however feel it falls short of the PRIMEWELD CUT50DP above simply because it has only a 1 year warranty and is slightly more expensive. The 1 year warranty is really a deal breaker for us.

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With the CUT60 you can expect to cut up up to 3/4″ mild steel with nice smooth cuts. With the CUT50DP you can expect to do the same on only 1/2″ mild steel. Having that extra cutting power can really make your life a lot easier on heavy duty projects. If you don’t plan on cutting anything bigger than 1/2″ than the CUT50DP will be just fine for your needs.

Dual Voltage

Both of these machines feature dual voltage technology that allows them to be operated on 220V or 110V. This is a huge selling point for the CUT60 as most 60 amp machines are not dual voltage.

Euro Central Connection Torch

Having the all in one Euro central torch is something we really like because you’re getting a higher quality torch included with the machine. The CUT60 comes with a Tecmo IPT60 which we really enjoyed using. The consumables included with this torch seemed higher quality and produced nicer cuts.

Worth The Extra $250?

With out a doubt yes, we recommend you upgrade to the CUT60 for the extra $250 if you’re an avid metal fabricator. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a professional USA made plasma cutter under $1000. If you’re simply a hobbyist and don’t see yourself working with any steel over 1/2″ then the CUT50DP is a fantastic value and will suit your needs.


If you do decide to go with LOTOS over PRIMEWELD then we recommend spending the extra $75 on the LTP5500D over the LTP5000D. The cut quality and power that the LTP5500D has is well worth the extra $75 alone. You will also get the upgraded EURO central style torch, which will provide you with better cut quality.