Miller Spectrum 375 X-TREME Review

Miller Spectrum 375 Extreme Review

Updated January 2020

One of the top 5 best plasma cutters on the market for smaller professional grade machines
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  • Made by one of best machine manufactures.

  • Both 220V and 120V. Comes with cord adapter for both to fit a variety of plug patterns.

  • Great parts availability from Miller as well as after market brands.

  • Expensive.

  • Rated to cut only 3/8 inch steel.

  • Does not come with glasses and gloves.

Miller Is A Great Brand

This is it my friends, the big dog, the head hancho, the big one. This is an expensive machine that is built to be highly durable and perform extremely well. Miller is one of the top manufactures of welding and plasma systems out there. If you want the best of the best in its class then this is it. You get quality, performance, great customer service and a good warranty with this machine. While this is smaller machine it packs a hell of a punch for its size and is more than capable of tackling most jobs around the shop.

What We Like

  • The Size Of The Unit – The first aspect of this unit that I like is the size. Weighing only 19lbs with a compact form factor and a carrying handle makes this unit incredibly easy to transport.
  • The Carrying Case – This unit comes with a hard plastic carrying case that holds the plasma cutter itself with extra space for plugs, eye protections, gloves and more. You don’t realize how nice this is until you open up the case a realize that everything you need to work is right inside the box. This reduces the chance of getting out in the workplace and forgetting your eye protection which can cost you time and money (I have done this before and it a major inconvenience).
  • The Cord Lengths – Both the torch and the grounding cable are 12 ft. long which provides you with plenty of mobility in your workspace. What I enjoyed about this cord length was the fact that I could keep my unit away from the sparks and dropping metal while I worked. Having a longer cord was a really big bonus for us.
  • The Smooth Cuts – This plasma cutter cuts really smooth. REALLY SMOOTH! I can’t stress this enough. Miller really lives up to their name and makes an awesome plasma cutter. You can tell this a top notch machine after you first few cuts.
  • On The Spot Changeable Plugs – Whether you need 110 or 220 Miller has you covered. Included with the Spectrum 375 you receive on the fly switchable plugs that allow you to switch from 110 to 220 without having to fiddle with wires. This little detail saved us tons of time in the long run.

What We Didn’t Like…

The Price Tag – This Miller plasma cutter comes with a hefty price tag. You definitely do get great qaulity for the price, but it may turn away some weekend warrior buyers.

Limited Availability – These babies are in high demand right now and it took us a week to find one. As of now they seem to be stocked up, but in the beginning we had trouble getting our hands on one.

Bottom Line

Miller makes an amazing product and this machine is no exception. You get what you pay for which is a very quality machine that will serve you for years to come. Overall it a fantastic value and will be a joy to use.

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