Hobart Airforce 250ci Review: Gone but not forgotten!

Overall Score
  • Very powerful for an all in one unit – cuts up to 1/4″ mild steel.

  • Machine only requires power. No Air compressor needed

  • Very cost efficient compared to Hypertherm and Miller machines.

  • Comes standard with a long 16ft torch and ground lines. Great for keeping your machine protected while working.

  • Rather heavy machine because of the built in compressor.

Note: The Hobart 250ci has recently been discontinued and replaced with the Hobart 12ci. You can view more information and specifications about the Hobart 12ci on Amazon.com. You can also view our full Plasma Cutter Buyer’s Guide Here.

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The Hobart Airforce 250ci won our editor’s choice award this year as it’s one of the most compact self reliant machines that we tested. By self reliant we mean that the Airforce 250ci needs only a single power outlet to cut metal. This plasma cutter by Hobart features an on board air compressor that provides pressure to the plasma cutter. This drastically reduces the amount of tools you need to bring to a simple job.

What We Like

  • Cuts Great – Will cut up to 1/4 inch steel without a problem as long as you take it slow (About 3 inches per minute on 1/4 steel). Had a great smooth cut as well
  • Easy Power – Can be powered by any household outlet
  • Long Power Cord – Features a 7 foot power cord (most other units we used only featured a 4 foot cord)
  • Cord Management Strap – Strap on the back of the unit to hold cords in place while moving the unit
  • Large Torch Button – The large button on the torch allows you to easily cut even while wearing welding gloves (units without this will often cause your hands to cramp up on longer cuts)
  • Protected Torch Cord – The cord of the torch is protected by a rubber sleeve keeping it safe from sparks and dropping metal

What We Didn’t Like…

  • Limited Cutting Power – We wish this unit could cut steel up to 1/2 inch as it would be one beast of a machine. However, we realize this would require a lot bigger unit.

Bottom Line

This unit is incredibly convenient and great for individuals who are cutting 1/4 inch steel or less. If your tools are limited and you don’t have an air compressor this unit is an easy solution for your workspace. The overall quality of Hobart products is amazing for the price and this unit is no exception. With Hobart, you’re going to get a quality machine with quality customer service. If this machine fits your workspace then we highly recommend it!

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