What’s The Best Welder For Crafts and Metal Art?

If you’re buying a welder to create crafts and metal art, an inexpensive flux core welder will work perfect. These welders are cheap, small in size, run on 120v power (standard power outlet) and do not require any expensive welding gases.

Motorcycle Metal Art

Creating metal crafts and metal art is a hobby that is incredibly fun and a great way to start learning to weld. The ideal welder for metal crafts and art is a small flux core welder that runs on 110v power. These are amongst the cheapest welders you can buy and they are fantastic starting point for anyone looking to get into the hobby with no current tools. They require no welding gas, very little initial investment and can weld up to 1/4 inch steel. They have plenty of power to weld small metal crafts and can even tackle small welding jobs around the garage when needed.

The Best Flux Core Welder For Metal Crafts

A basic flux cored welder will cost your around $250. We recommend sticking with name brands like Lincoln, Miller or Hobart. It will be easier to purchase contact tips, welding wire and replacement parts down the road if needed. It can be tempting to purchase a cheap knock off brand on Amazon for around $150, but to be honest spending an extra $100 on a name brand is worth it. You will get a more reliable machine with good parts availability and a way higher resale value in the future if you ever want to upgrade or part ways with your machine.

Lincoln Electric FC90 Flux Core Welder

The FC90 is the perfect welder for creating metal crafts. It’s small, reliable, inexpensive, welds up to 1/4 inch steel and has good parts support from the manufacture. Yes, it’s $100 more than the off-brands, but it’s worth every penny.

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Flux Core vs MIG For Metal Art

Flux Core vs Mig welds comparison

Both flux core and MIG welders will work great for metal art. We recommend flux cored welders for beginners getting into metal crafts as they are cheaper than MIG welders and do not require a tank of shielding gas to operate (75% argon and 25% CO2). While a MIG welder will produce cleaner welds, we find that for most beginners it’s not worth the increased price and additional gear needed.

Additional Tools And Safety Gear

If you’re buying your first welder to start creating art you will need to purchase safety gear as well. We recommend getting a welding helmet (auto dimming works best), welding gloves, welding jacket and a wire brush to clean your welds. Some vice grips can also be handy, but not required.

Good Options At Amazon For Safety Gear: