What Is The Best Milwaukee 1/2 Inch Impact?

When buying a Milwaukee 1/2 inch impact you have to be careful of what model you purchase as they are not all created equal. The only two models worth getting are the strongest 1/2 inch impacts from Milwaukee’s lineup, the High Torque and the Mid-Torque. This guild will help you figure out which of these two is right for your application.

Heavily Used Milwaukee High Torque Half Inch Impact

High Torque

High-torque impacts offer the most power and are the best option for users who prioritize maximum nut-busting and fastening torque, without much concern for weight or size. We commonly use them when working on heavy equipment, trucks or certain heavy duty automotive jobs. These have serious power and should be used with caution on anything that is not heavy duty. If you want an impact that will break loose (or straight up break off) any bolt or nut, then the high torque is your best choice.

Milwaukee 2767-20 High Torque 1/2″ Impact

With 1000 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1400 ft-lbs of nut busting torque this impact will take on any job you throw at it. We’ve broken loose semi truck lug nuts with this thing, no joke. Great impact that will allow you to ditch your heavy duty air impacts and move to a more convenient electric option.

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Mid Torque

The Mid Torque is a great option if weight and size are a concern, but you still want a good amount of power. This impact is decently light and you can use it all day without much fatigue making it a great medium duty tool. If you don’t plan on tackling any heavy duty jobs, this can be a great impact with a lot of versatility.

Milwaukee 2962-20 Mid-Torque Impact

With 650 ft-lbs of nut busting torque this medium sized impact is great for a variety of medium duty jobs. If you don’t need the power of a high torque impact, than the mid-torque is the way to go.

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High Torque vs. Mid Torque

If someone asks me what’s the all around best Milwaukee 1/2 inch impact if they could only have one model, I have always recommended the high torque. The power of these high torque impacts is just unmatched by anything else out there. It’s such a useful tool that can tackle nearly every job you throw at it. The only time I would recommend getting a mid torque is if you’re someone who is going to be handling the tool for many hours a day where fatigue can be an issue or you need a smaller 1/2″ impact to get into tighter places.

Compact Impact

Milwaukee does make a 1/2 inch compact impact as well, but we have never really found a reason to recommend it. It only has 250 ft-lbs of fastening and nut busting torque, which is weak compared to the mid and high torque. Yes it is rather small, but we find that’s not usually of any utility to us. If you have a specific use case for the small size, than it can be a great tool. Otherwise we recommend the mid or high torque instead.

Brushless vs. Non-Brushless Half Inch Impacts

All the best Milwaukee 1/2 inch impacts are brushless. Brushed models like the 2662-20 or the 2663-20 will have low torque numbers (450 ft-lbs maximum) and be bulky in size compared to the brushless versions. The funny part is that these non-brushless models are still quite expensive, so you’re better off spending the extra $100 and getting a brushless impact with much better performance and battery life. If you would to learn more about brushless vs brushed motors you can check out this wiki article here.

Size And Weight

For us personally, we find that torque is our number one priority when purchasing an electric half inch impact. It is true that the more powerful models will be bigger in size and heavier, however it’s really is not that big of a difference. The extra torque is worth it. Unless you’re someone wrenching all day long the extra weight of the larger 1/2″ models is not a problem. These electric units are just a little heavier than a standard pneumatic impact and you will notice very little difference. If you’re someone who will be using this tool all day long then matching your torque requirements to a smaller tool can be beneficial to reduce fatigue. Otherwise, getting the most powerful tool you can will prove to be a better purchase.