About Us

Welcome to Fabricationguy.com. A website I created to help anyone and everyone looking for a helping hand with fabrication equipment and projects. Our goal is to provide readers with easily accessible information that is helpful to their specific fabrication needs.

Who am I?

My name is Dylan and from age eight I grew up working in the shop next to my dad who could build just about anything. My interest in fabrication and building things surged day by day as I learned new tools and skills. Fast forward 20 something years later working in the field and I find myself with a variety of experiences and knowledge that I would like to share with the fabrication community.

What work do we do?

If I had to sum all of the different types of work we do I would have to call it “just about everything.” Working in a small business that is home to lot of heavy equipment quickly teaches you that everyday you need to be able to learn and fix something new. From semi trucks, skid steers, excavators, small lawn equipment, large dozers and everything else in between means you always have your hands full. Working with all of this equipment has lead to us accumulating a large selection of tools and learning a variety of skills. There’s no better way to learn than to jump in head first and figure it out with your own two hands.

What does our website specialize in?

Our site specializes in providing new fabricators with simple break downs of fabrication tools and their applications. We aim to highlight quality value tools by posting buyers guides and tutorials for a variety of categories. We strive to be a non-biased website that can provide you will honest advice based off our own personal experience. If we recommend a tool it’s because have a history that has lead us to that recommendation.

Are we sponsored?

We are not sponsored by any specific company/brand and tell it how it is. We do not recommend tools we don’t believe in and no one has the power to make us.
For our site to be a business, we do connect our recommended tools to Amazon affiliate links which allows us to make a commission off of tools viewers buy at no cost to them. This does help support the site as we don’t have the resources to do this for free. However please note, this affiliate program simply allows us to monetize products we recommend. We chose the Amazon Affiliate program because we don’t want anyone having the power to tell us what to say. Tools speak for themselves and their work history is what builds loyal customers. Loyal customers share their experiences with others as everyone deserves to have quality tools.

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