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We put all of the best plasma cutters in the 30-50 amp range head to head to find out which machine is the best and why.

Plasma cutters with built in compressors can be expensive, so be sure you get the correct machine for your cutting needs.

Full explanation of the required features and power requirements you will need for plasma cutter art.

Junk plasma cutters do exist. Don’t be fooled, learn how to find the best cheap Chinese plasma cutter for your budget.

Not all plasma cutters will work with CNC tables. Let’s break down the features and power you need for your new machine.

The LOTOS LTP5000D is the best cheap plasma cutter under $500. We put it to the test and show it’s power.

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A cheap inexpensive welder can give you the opportunity to make endless amounts of creative welding art.

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Air dryers are a great way to achieve nice clean cuts and increase the life of torch consumables.

Plasma cutters require a lot of air and getting the correct size air compressor makes all the difference.

Welders and plasma cutters can both use the same helmet, however the shades settings for each machine are different.