CNC Plasma Table Reviews – Our Top Picks For 2015

Welcome to PlasmaCuttersReviews  CNC plasma cutter top picks for 2015. Our goal with this buyer’s guide is to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision on which CNC table will work best for you and your projects. We’ve reviewed a lot of units over the years so our experiences are going to be based on what we think personally makes a quality machine. There are a lot of machines that look good on paper, but don’t perform like you would expect in the real world. We like to see a machine that is easy to use, has quality software, is reliable and adjustable. With that said let’s get started!

We’ve found the best price for our top two picks on so all links will send you there for information on prices. Also has amazing customer support and buyer protection that we’ve found to be very useful when purchasing high dollar machinery. We’ve found that they respond very quickly to customer concerns. With that said, let’s get started!

[one_third]PT-44 CNC Table Image[/one_third][two_third_last]Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 7.44.01 PM

Baileigh PT-44 CNC Table (4 feet x 4 Feet) Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 10.34.31 PM

If you want the best of the best The PT-44 is for you. If you take the PT-22 that was reviewed below and make it bigger, stronger and pack a hell of a lot more features into it than you got yourself a PT-44. This things is an absolute beast and works flawlessly. It has a full software package included that allows you to upload you cuts to the machine via USB cord from your windows PC or a USB thumb drive. It includes a control podium and a hand held unit that has X, Y, and Z jog controls. The table has an industrial down shaft, water based cooling and a ton of other features.

Size: 4 ft. x 4 ft. cutting area

Power: 220 single phase

Water Cooling System? Yes

Assembly Required? No, unit comes fully built upon delivery. Plasma cutting system and electrical hook up will need to be completed by the buyer.

View The Full Specifications Here

Videos of the PT-44 in action:



[one_third]Baileigh PT-22 Image[/one_third][two_third_last]Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 7.44.09 PM

Baileigh PT-22 CNC Cutting Table (2 feet x 2 feet) Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 10.34.19 PM

A complete monster of a machine for a great price, the Baileigh PT-22 is a 2 foot x 2 foot table that is easy to use and great for anyone looking to get into CNC machines for a good entry level price. What we like about Baileigh is that they make a hell of a table and the quality is definitely there. It comes with a water bath and pre cut material cross supports. Software for the machine is included and can be used on your Windows PC to map out cuts and then loaded onto you table via a USB thumb drive (USB stick). Hand held controller with X and Y jog controls is also included. This is an ideal all in one package.

Size: 2 ft. x 2 ft. cutting area

Power: 110 Volts

Water Bath Included? Yes

Assembly Required? No, unit comes fully built upon delivery.

Here’s a video showing some cuts with the machine:

View The Full Specifications Here



How to Decide Between The Two?

Both of these machines are amazing and it really depends on many features you need when deciding which to buy. If you need a large table than the PT-44 is a great choice. If you are making small cuts than the PT-22 will work great and save you some $$$. Also, you need to consider how much space in your shop you have available. These machines are large and need space around them for maneuvering sheet metal. However, no matter what your choice you’ll have a blast making all sorts of things with your new CNC table. And if you’re like me you’ll have tons of metal art hanging all around your house! That justifies the purchase right..? Have fun!


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